The history of Studio Berlucchi begin in 1919, when Eng. Antonio Berlucchi holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic of Milan, after serving as artillery officer during the war in Carso. His main activity is directed at hydraulics world and in his career he specializes in the design of hydroelectric plants that are still present along the Oglio and Chiese rivers or in Valseriana. His premature death in 1949, however, thanks to the work of the collaborators, allowed a passage of the study to his firstborn son Francesco, who graduates in 1953 at the Politecnico di Milano. Francesco resumes and continues his paternal activity in the hydraulic field, but participates also to important architectural works associated with the Arch. Bruno Fedrigolli for a few years. When his younger brother Roberto graduates at Polytechnic of Milan in 1959, they base their studio. In 1962, with the nationalization of power generation plants, the work in which the study has accumulated great experience is lacking. Since then, the studio has been focusing on the design of large residential and commercial buildings, especially private ones, in the years of the country's great building boom.

In 1981 Eng. Roberto transforms the Studio into a Building Services Company in the form of s.r.l. understanding what will be the trend of future design activity. Roberto rediscovers his architectural vocation more than engineering and dedicates himself to projects of private residences, to the recovery of both monumental and rustic buildings, becoming a reference point for Brescia and the province. At the same time he is a passionate golf player and designs important residential golf complexes in various regions of the country. Thanks to the awards received, between 1992 and 2007 the Rotelli Group entrusts to Eng. Roberto plans to renovate and expand seven hospital structures and the new construction of the San Donato Milanese Hospital.

After graduation obtained in 1988 at the Polytechnic of Milan from Eng. Nicola, son of Roberto, with subsequent specialization at the same Institute in 1995 in Restoration of Monuments and the current assignment as a lecturer in the Schools of Specialization in Architectural Heritage and the Landscape of La Sapienza (Rome) and of the Polytechnic of Milan, the studio is projected even more in the design and realization of very important monumental restorations in Italy and abroad with particular attention to the "Historical Theaters". This activity gains recognition from EuropaNostra and the European Community as the best restoration in the year 2015 with the Restoration of the Teatro Sociale in Bergamo. Thanks to the successes achieved in recent years, Eng. Nicola is recognized as one of the most important Italian experts in the field of restoration.

Eng. Nicola is now the Technical Director of the Studio Berlucchi, that in 2016 sees the entrance of the Eng. Nicola Fumagalli as a partner specialized in Fire Safety and Prevention. Meanwhile the son of Francesco, Eng. Alessandro, who graduates in 1995 at the Polytechnic of Milan, continues the planning and direction of his father's work and collaborates with the Studio Berlucchi srl. In the recent years, the study has accumulated a great deal of experience, with more than 200 projects on linked buildings, including 12 theaters or auditoriums, 4 municipalities, 4 bell towers, 15 structural consolidation interventions, 30 churches and other worship buildings, 30 monumental facades and more of 50 valuable villas.