New conservation and consolidation project to Studio Comes and Studio Berlucchi

Studio Berlucchi and Studio Comes won final design, executive design, fire protection, construction supervision and safety coordination for the restoration and seismic improvement works of the Teatro del Popolo in Concordia sulla Secchia (MO).

Built on the site of the old Teatro Sociale, the Teatro del Popolo was designed starting from 1924 by Eng. Giuseppe Benatti, head of the Municipal Technical Office. The technician designs and realizes the theater on the basis of many examples of national importance (Teatro dei Filodrammatici of Milan, Odescalchi of Rome, Scribe and Alfieri of Turin, Politeama Verdi of Sassari, etc.) and many local theaters (Medolla, Pegognaga, S. Felice sul Panaro, etc). The building, completed in the '30s, has seen the succession of some maintenance interventions and plant adaptation and has been closed because of the earthquake damage that struck above all the scenic tower.