Convention "Architectural restoration and strengthening of Historical Buildings"
13-17 ottobre 2016

The collaboration between Assorestauro and the Tabriz Islamic Art University, Faculty of Architecture & Urbanism, begins. The first of Assorestauro's two missions in Iran (the second will take place in December) has seen important names in the Italian academic world, joined by a group of specialized companies, attending a three-day conference and comparing with Iranian colleagues.

"Architectural Restoration and Strengthening of Historical Buildings" is the title of the seminar that sees amongst the organizers and participants also Studio Berlucchi, who in the last year had the opportunity to intensify their relations with important members of the University of Iran until the beginning of this initiative.

Lead wire is the sensitive theme of seismic protection of historic buildings in Iran, a topic that is highly relevant in view of both the high seismicity of a large part of Iranian territory and the election of the city of Tabriz to "Tourist Capital of Islamic Countries 2018" .