Project won in San Benedetto Po (MN)
Ottobre 2017

Just a few weeks after the beginning of the East wing work, the Studio won the competition for the final design, executive and construction supervision on the other three wings of the Cloister of Secolari in Polirone Monastery. The collaboration (now ten years) with the City of San Benedetto Po on the monastic complex (now partly used as an ethnographic museum) keeps on after the already completed works sites: San Simeone Cloister, Scriptorium, Refectory, library and monumental staircase.

The repair work with seismic improvement involves not only the design of structural works, but also the restoration of finishes and decorations, as well as a functional redeployment with the aim of expanding the facilities available to the Museum (exhibition halls, laboratories, etc) and the City (archives, offices, etc) for a total of about 1.4 million euros of works.