Development of the castle and Cidneo hill

The objective of the feasibility study was to exploit the Castle of Brescia and the neighboring areas of the Cidneo hill to restore this heritage to the city, restoring the existing, appropriately reorganizing the open spaces that have always provided suggestive views and recalling archaeological excavations conducted in the past. The solution was to introduce new functions and initiatives and expand the offer to increase the level of attractiveness for citizens and tourists and the flow of visitors, while also requiring the unabridged spaces and closed to the public with particular attention to the architectural barriers to allow maximum fruition of the good. For the achievement of the objective, attention was also paid to the experiences of people already working in the castle's realities to better understand the problems and potential, in particular for the implementation and improvement of the services and the reorganization of spaces and paths.

rilievo, studio di fattibilità in collaborazione con Prof. H. De Varine, Arch. F. Meneghelli, Ing. F. Robecchi, Ing. A. Arenghi
Comune di Brescia