Restoration and adapting to fire safety and prevention rules

The restoration of the theatre arises from the requirements of adapting to the rules in force for fire safety and prevention, as the building is lacking in eligibility requirements, lacking necessary compartments and obsolete facilities. In addition to these, the need to intervene on the volume of the theater that does not respond to the architectural quality appropriate to the urban fabric in which it is inserted, because of the bodies added to the original nineteenth-century nucleus without coordinated intervention. The project therefore envisages on the one hand the standardization and the functional rationalization of the spaces, with a better organization of the paths, the technical rooms and those in service of the scene, and on the other an external architectural intervention that can give new life to an important building in the context of the low city where it stands. Following a careful diagnostic campaign, conservative restoration works were also planned for the theatrical hall, foyer and entrance halls.

Work in progress
2007 - in corso
progettazione architettonica (definitivo, esecutivo) come capogruppo in ATP (Berlucchi s.r.l., Arassociati, SPC s.r.l., Intertecnica Group s.r.l., Geogrà s.r.l., Ing. F. Malgrande, Muller BBM, Ing. L. Biscardi, Prof.ssa A.M. Testaverde, Geom. P. Dolci, Ar
Fondazione Teatro Donizetti
€ 14.350.000