Restoration of a palace in Azerbaijan

Shekikhans Palace is located in the high hill rising in the northeastern part of Sheki fortification. The Palace constitutes relatively small two-story building, richly decorated in its main facades, currently painted ornamentation in polychrome through sheetrock. In general composition of Palace’s facades are included lifting bindings of window, making up front side of internal rooms; while opening windows, the painted interiors of central hall and side rooms of the second floor are completely opened up. Thanks to an accurate analysis campaign, with endoscopic exams and small samples taken from the masonry and the wooden floors, the Palace showed a state of conservation which was essentially linked to the presence of damp areas at the foot of the walls, frequent exfoliation of the painted surfaces, lesions and deformation of the masonry and the pillars, detachment of part of the stone, missing glass and decorations in the windows. The investigations have allowed to elaborate a detailed restoration project aimed at combining conservation and repair needs, removing what was unrelated to traditional materials and techniques.

2001 - 2002
progettista coordinatore per i progetti di restauro appaltati da Project Implementation Unit
World Bank e Ministero per i Beni Culturali dell'Azerbaijan