Restoration and conservation of the facades and renovation of the roofs of the Conservatorio Pontificio San Clemente and of the Ospizio dei Cento Preti

An accurate stratigraphic relief of a precious sixteenth-century building has revealed a complex construction history that reflects the adaptations to various functions over time. During the analysis, the most ancient portions of the complex have been identified, as well as the most degraded areas, mainly because of anthropic interventions as well as a physiological deterioration of the context. The investigations have also revealed that, despite the differentiation of functions within the building, its original finish was unitary for both portions, Conservatory and Hospice. Therefore the project, in line with the requirements of the Superintendence for Architectural and Landscape Heritage of the City of Rome, wants to restore the architectural unity originally conceived, eliminating superfetations and improper additions that are not compatible with the preexisting ones, while respecting the stratification history of the following interventions.

Work in progress
2017 - in corso
Vicariato di Roma