Restoration and reconstruction of the ancient mosque Enez Fatih Camii

The ancient mosque Enez Fatih Camii is an important building of the city of Enez, built in the 12th century and converted in a mosque in 1455. After a collapse in 1962, only remains survive today and the restoration project aims to bring the building back to its integrity and its function, thanks to the most complete documentation which was recoverable. Starting from photographs of the 1920s and 1960s, from the relief of the ruins and thanks to the application of the mathematical aspect to the perspective, it was able to reconstruct the missing heights with a good approximation. After consolidating the existing elements, it is planned to rebuild the areas that are familiar with traditional techniques, realizing the collapsed roofs with light elements. The intervention, always perfectly identifiable so as not to create a false, will lead to faithful reconstruction of the original, without deleting the modifications suffered by the building before the collapse and especially in full respect of the original materials.

Work in progress
2014 - in corso
architectural design (preliminary, definitive, executive), work direction
VGM-Edirne Regional Director