Conservative restoration of facade overlooking Canal Grande

Ca' Corner della Regina facade, that is realized with Istria stone, is a significant example of Venetian architecture overlooking Canal Grande. For this reason, the team has restored it with operations that has respected its surfaces. The stone quality appeared not good because of many cracking and previously grouting and the surfaces showed common degradation forms, like deposits, vegetation and black crusts, on which the team has intervened with appropriate cleaning methods. The principal problem was represented by state of conservation and instability of many balustrades, lintels and of stone elements hooked with oxidized metal cramps. On the cracks of the balustrades, for example, the team has used injections and insertions of stainless steel pins and rods. 

coprogettazione architettonica (definitivo, esecutivo) con Arch. C. Catacchio
€ 346.568