The restoration is completed
23 dicembre 2016

Opened in 1876, the Teatro Sociale in Camogli (GE) is a remarkable example of Italian theater born for the will of the local bourgeoisie. In the 1930s, radical structural adjustment work was carried out with a new inauguration in 1933. After a flourishing period during wars, when other theaters in Genova were closed, there was a slow decline until the closing.

The project and work management, entrusted to the RTP coordinated by Studio Berlucchi in the early 2000s, allowed the adaptation of the theater to the anti-seismic and fire prevention regulations thanks to conservative quality intervention and the adoption of design solutions, especially in terms of facilities integration, highly sensitive to the historic artistic value of the building.

The Teatro Sociale in Camogli will open its doors to the public with an inauguration concert by Teatro alla Scala Academy.